EPT Barcelona: The deluge begins

The tournament director Thomas Kremser just got day two under way by running through the stats of the tournament so far, and telling us what we can expect from the coming few days. Firstly, in his characteristically understated Austrian lilt, Kremser told us of a prize pool of €4,952,000, of the first prize winners' cheque of €1,361,000, the record number of players for an EPT in Barcelona and the number of those still remaining: 203.

They're playing on eight-handed tables, all the way down to the final 32. That will possibly take longer than the eight levels we've grown accustomed to playing, so it could be a long night. Television recording will begin tomorrow, as will the EPT live webcast. Currently, the feature table is under construction behind a big black sheet.

Loitering around for a few minutes after Kremser's announcement, I noticed Stevie Chidwick, the PokerStars qualifier extraordinaire, whose story we detailed yesterday. I'd seen him with close to 70,000 chips shortly before the end last night, and so was confused when the official chip-count listed just 13,800 by his name. Where had they gone? Turns out, they hadn't. There'd been a misprint somewhere along the line and he still had more than 60,000 to start with today.

He had also attracted some media attention. Nic Szeremeta, the poker columnist of the Independent newspaper, had read the blog yesterday and wanted a couple of words with Chidwick. Expect something about the PokerStars phenom in his column next week. Chidwick was involved in the second pot of the day on table six, reraising from the button and taking down a small chunk.

A significantly larger pot went to Theodoros Aidonopoulos, who check-raised Daniele Guidetti on a jack-high, two-spade flop. After raising pre-flop and then tanking for a long whle faced with Aidonopoulos's aggression, Guidetti ended up folding. Round about that time on the neighbouring table five, William Haughey was tapping the table in the manner of the defeated and making his way out of the tournament arena.

Haughey's tournament is over, but ours is only just moving into gear.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour