EPT Barcelona: The fallen

There's been a typically frenetic start to proceedings today, with players busting at a chaotic rate. Passing by Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier's table about 40 minutes into level one, I noticed that he was already tapping the table in the manner of the defeated, nodding his head and drifting away. He had filled a small flush on the turn, with two clubs in his hand, two on the flop and another on fourth street. That brought a degree of betting. All the chips went in on the river, though, which was another club. ElkY's opponent had pocket kings, one of which was a club, and that was that.

He wasn't even the Team PokerStars Pro to be eliminated. That dubious accolade went to Isabelle Mercier, who was spotted early on but is now nowhere to be seen.

Isabelle Mercier: she was here, and now she's gone

No tables have been broken and no players have been moved so it must be assumed that Mercier is out. She's in good company. In addition to ElkY and Mercier, the footballer turned poker player Tony Cascarino is also gone. Fresh from a victory in a major British tournament last week, Cascarino could last no longer than half an hour here when he flopped two pair, but was called by an opponent who had made bottom pair threes on the flop. Cascarino bet on every street and was all in on the end, by which point there was also a king on the board and the player's K-3 had made a better two pair. Ouch.

A couple more names to add to the list of notables:
Sebastian Ruthenberg
Alan Smurfit
Surinder Sunar

Howard Swains
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