EPT Budapest: A hundred grand not what it used to be

Time was when a stack of 100,000 was good for a monstrous chip lead. Those days are gone, however, with at least 15 players reporting stacks in six figures and one of the earliest to reach that number - Annette Obrestad - hitting the rail.

That elimination first: in a battle of the blinds, Obrestad flopped two pair with 7-9 on a board of J-7c-9c, with two clubs. All the money went in with Obrestad's opponent holding J-8c, for top pair and the flush draw. The turn brought an eight to give a better two pair and the river improved nobody. Obrestad is out.

Up at the top of the tree still sits the Italian Mauro Corsetti, but the duo of PokerStars qualifiers Lukas Benkovic and Martin Jacobson are getting very close indeed, as is the PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden, who spoke to PokerStars blog ahead of day one.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour