EPT Budapest: All ins and eliminations

Things haven’t exactly been easy for Kara Scott but her tournament hopes live on after picking up a 10K pot, moving in on a flop of Kd-3d-6h which Brice Cournut couldn’t bring himself to call. As Scott raked in her chips the table next to them was experiencing its own drama. A pre-flop raise by Micha Hoedemaker, re-raised by Oscar Blanco Carrasco to 18,000 before Sorel Mizzi announced “all-in”.

_MG_8736Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sorel Mizzi

Mizzi had good reason, holding pocket aces. Hoedemaker would eventually fold his pocket queens whilst Carrasco stayed in to either double up or die with pocket fours. The board delivered nothing to help Carrasco who quickly departed, with Hoedemaker relieved to have ducked and covered before things really went off.

Mizzi on the rise once more.

Earlier today the video blog team caught up with PokerStars qualifier Darren Hope about his expectations on the day...

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