EPT Budapest: Big names, big hands, big stacks

Blinds have just gone up to 300-600 with a 75 ante as we enter the final level of the day. There were 109 players still remaining as the level started, but in one fell swoop there were soon two fewer. Their assassin, as so often, was Annette Obrestad, who vaulted into the chip lead of about 90,000. Here's how she did it.

There was some small pre-flop action and the players saw a board of 2h-4d-9h. Obrestad, first to speak, checked and the short stack to her left moved all in for his last 5,600. The player on the button flat called, but Obrestad moved all in over the top, for another 50,000-odd and putting the other player to a decision for his tournament life. After a while, he called and showed pocket eights. Obrestad, however, had pocket twos and had flopped a set. By the end, it was quads when the fourth deuce rivered.

That table had previously seen the first royal flush of the tournament, in the hand of Nick Maieritsch. He had Ad-Kd and his opponent had an unsuited A-K. But flop, turn and river eventually brought the 10d, Jd and the Qd to make the top hand in poker.

A few other players are also building sizeable stacks here. The top four are probably these:

Annette Obrestad - 90,000
Arnaud Mattern - 71,000
Anton Jond - 69,000
Marcello Terracciano - 63,000

And while all that was going on, the PokerStars qualifier David Nordh spoke to the video bloggers about his qualification and his trip to Budapest.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour