EPT Budapest: Bubble time

Bubble time and a raft of all-in moves, but only one had the result the surviving 56 players were looking for.
First Gino Alacqua doubled up a player, his A-Q no good against a flopped set of threes.

Then two all-ins at once, both called. The first of the two hands was played through, called over the public address system by EPT Tournament director Thomas Kremser ; A-K against the all-in hand of pocket queens, queens which ultimately doubled up.

When the hole cards of the second all-in were announced most believed we would be playing on a little longer for the money. A-K v A-K. Only there would be no going through the motions this time for Chrisotophe Wemelbeke’s hand was suited.

The flop was the cruellest, 5c-Tc-9c. Wemelbeke had flopped the nuts leaving Thomas Vestergaard from Denmark with the dubious honour of departing as the bubble boy.

Hand for hand stops and we play on.