EPT Budapest: Chip leader in all but name

Any mention of Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri is loaded with expectation, to a point where it’s hard to sound original. The thing is there is little you can do but kow-tow to adjectives like crazy and fearless that are bandied around so easily around Minieri. It’s the same today and most players at his table can only sit back and watch.

Minieri only has 11,000 in front of him but he plays as if was ahead of the rest by thousands.

A raise from early position by the seat four player is re-raised by Minieri on the button, 2,325 in total. Seat four mucks. Like the Moscow Variation by Grand Master Kasparov, it's a standard Minieri move.

_MG_6270Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

On the next hand, Minieri makes it 800 to go pre-flop, this time good for the blinds.

Next hand, another 800 pre-flop from Minieri. This time the small blind re-raises and Minieri mucks but that’s purely incidental. Next hand Minieri is out raising again, as if he can’t stop. A total of 1,100 pre-flop this time, again uncontested. I left him to it when, under-the-gun, he folded pre-flop, but I expect he’s back to raising every hand as I type.

Watching all this in seat one is PokerStars sponsored player Kara Scott, who talked to the video blog team about day 1b.

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