EPT Budapest: Crash bang in level seven

Marcel Luske’s day is over, eliminated half way through level six. It’s a fate shared by many others including a former EPT winner (Deauville in season two) in Mats Iremark. Keith Hawkins joins them. He was short stacked and moved in with A-8 only to be called by a triumphant pair of kings.

Over on Ben Kang’s table the seat five player is busy eating a burger while play goes on. To do this he reaches behind Ben Kang to a glass table. Kang is a big guy and stands up to stretch his legs every few minutes. The effect this has as the table behind him tips over, is to send two tournament officials into action. Making that involuntary panic noise they catch the table before it hits the floor, preventing a Public Safety Code nightmare. Kang hardly notices.

_MG_5989Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars shooting star Ben Kang

This aside Kang is playing his usual solid game, the PokerStars shooting star currently sitting with 23,000 which he’s added to in the last level by winning multiple pots uncontested.

On the table alongside sits an equally imposing figure, adding to their stack of 31,000. This is Annette Obrestad, neatly postured on the button, first raising before being re-raised on a board of Js-Jd-5c-Kh. Is this guy trying his luck or does he really have something?

To find out Obrestad slides in another tower of red chips. The amount doesn’t matter, it’s the walnut to crack a nut effect that works so well, her opponent grinning as he mucked his cards. The result isn’t far off that which Kang had when he sent a table flying. Everyone jumps suddenly and wakes up a bit.

For many playing in the EPT Budapest came after qualification on PokerStars. One of them is Darren Hope of the UK who spoke to the video blog team earlier today.

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