EPT Budapest: Flying into Budapest

Marcel Luske is back. After a spell away from the EPT the Flying Dutchman has landed in Budapest, a welcome sight in his trademark suit, accompanied by a salmon pink windsor-knotted tie, mirrored shades and a PokerStars badge on his breast pocket.

He made call of 125 on the button to see a As-Ah-2h flop. It was him and the seat one small blind player, just a dealer in between.

_MG_7988Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars sponsored player Marcel Luske

Both had checked the flop for a 5c turn card which saw the seat one player make it 200. Luske casually matched that. With a 9d on the river it was checked to Luske this time. He tossed in a red chip worth 500. Too much for seat one who mucked. Luske showed him his Ad-9c.

A nice start for Luske who, as the blinds increased, was up several grand, amassing a nice pile of green chips along the way.