EPT Budapest: Great Scott in uphill battle

One player everyone on the blog team watched closely during the World Series last summer was Kara Scott. The EPT presenter slogged away with an indefatigable run that saw her bust out just a few places short of the top 100. It was a result that pinned her name to the poker map for her skills at the table as well as those off it.

Flash forward to Budapest where she took her seat in just her second EPT event earlier today. After a bad first level this afternoon that involved a pot of 3,500 and an opponent’s unbeatable set, Scott has been fighting a holding action, waiting until better moves can be made. Right now that involves folding hands as well as winning them.

_MG_8211Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars sponsored player Kara Scott

Scott had raised two off the button to 450 pre-flop. The player in seat five, a Hungarian player known as Ricky with tattoos down both arms and the houses of each suit painted on his knuckles, re-raised making it 2,300 in total. He looked happy doing so, sashaying side to side in his seat as if dancing to music. No sign of headphones, this guy was just happy, grinning like he knew a secret that could prove disastrous to everyone else.

_MG_6171Neil Stoddart.jpg
The player known as 'Ricky'

“It’s not much” he said to Scott who was spending several minutes deciding whether his hi-jinks were a show of strength or of paper-thin bravado.

She decided on the former and mucked her hand. Being a sporting gent, Ricky showed his pocket jacks, and keeping with the spirit of things Scott flipped over her A-J. Not a victory but not a defeat either. She’s now down to 5,000.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour