EPT Budapest: It all goes in

The bursting of the bubble always precipitates one of the maddest phases of play. Those people who have just clung on long enough to reach the money now want to double up their micro stacks or get themselves into the side event - or to the bar.

It genuinely is ridiculous: an attempt to walk across the room to congratulate Kara Scott on her cash ran into at least three all ins. In one particularly notable hand, Brice Cournut doubled up through Stefano Fiore when the Frenchman rivered a straight. It was a classic A-Q v J-J all-in pre-flop encounter, but the straight came when a jack fell on the end, giving trips for Fiore but that broadway straight for Cournut.

Then, when I arrived to Scott's table, she was all in, shoving for her last 25,000 over the top of Lukas Benkovic's pre-flop raise. Everyone got out of her way - perhaps fearing the mightily-stacked Slovak behind them - but he also folded and Scott took down the pot.

"Congratulations," I said.
"I wanted to double up," insisted Scott.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour