EPT Budapest: Latest ins and outs

The tournament is progressing as tournaments do: some stacks are building nicely while their previous owners head for the hotel room, bar or airport. The latest, selected chip counts have recently been updated, and a quick glance shows some unfamiliar names at the summit, with some of the EPT's best known players falling by the wayside.

Top of the pile seems to be Mauro Corsetti, an Italian player continuing a recent spectacular run for players from the land of Pagano and Minieri. Also up there is the British player Benjamin Lebor, the Austrian Ivo Donev and the Swiss Severin Walser. Walser made the final table at the first-ever Latin America Poker Tour tournament, in Rio during the summer and is now hoping to prosper in his home continent.

At the other end, we have lost the Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken and the EPT Baden winner Julian Thew. Boeken's A-Q lost to A-K when both a K and a Q flopped. Thew disappeared before anyone noticed, but he'll definitely be back. The German PokerStars Shooting Star Jan Heitman is out, as is the EPT Vienna champion Pascal Perrault.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour