EPT Budapest: Major movements

Level 12 has recently just ended, and there have been some major movements in the past couple of hours.

In the literal sense of that word, Johnny Lodden has been relocated to sit next to Sorel Mizzi and opposite Luca Pagano, offering a real treat for the online poker-obsessed rail bird. Meanwhile the big movers on the chip ladder seem to be Martin Jacobson, of Sweden, and Annette Obrestad, of Norway, who have gone in the opposite direction to one another. Jacobson started the day with just 29,300, but now has 155,000. Obrestad began with 101,300, but now has about 40,000. It's still workable.

Mauro Corsetti still leads - he's up to 192,000. And Lukas Benkovic, from Slovakia, is second with 185,000. Meanwhile, three minutes into the break, the Hungarian player Zoltan Toth was still involved in a hand, but was mighty glad that he stayed. He ended up cracking aces with J-10, flopping a jack and turning a 10 to double up to 102,000.

While the players take 15 minutes to exchange their stories, have a look at what some of them have been saying to our team of video bloggers. Dan Muraiu is a local PokerStars qualifier, who made it through to day two:

Watch EPT Budapest 08: Interview with Dan Murariu Day 1b on PokerStars.tv

And the Team PokerStars Pro remains in the field going in to the second half of day two:

Watch EPT Budapest 08: Interview with Luca Pagano Day 2. on PokerStars.tv

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour