EPT Budapest: National pride

The Irish player Fintan Gavin scored the biggest success of his poker career when he came second to Sebastian Ruthenberg at the recent EPT event in Barcelona, earning him €792,000. He did so by endearing himself to the Catalan poker gods by kitting himself out in the immediately distinctive red and blue of Barcelona FC - or, more precisely, the blaugrana of Barça.

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Fintan Gavin

Here in Budapest, he's trying the same trick. Although the white shirts with green trim of the Budapest team Ferencváros (or Ferencvárosi TC) are not as instantly recognisable on the world stage as those striped colours of Barcelona, Gavin has sought out such a shirt and is wearing it proudly here in on day two of EPT Budapest. And he's faring just fine, up to 95,000 as the players went into their first break.

Peter Zamiska is also nailing his national colours to the mast.

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Peter Zamiska

Few will be surprised to learn that Zamiska hails from Slovakia - it's writ large across his chest. Slovakia just might be another emerging market in poker, with Dag Palovic making two final tables on last year's EPT. And here, there is also another PokerStars qualifier from Slovakia making waves. Lukas Benkovic has more than 100,000 (probably about 125,000 actually), confirming that there might just be something in the water over there.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour