EPT Budapest: Nearing the summit

There are certainly always a lot of similarities between any two days at the European Poker Tour. But sometimes we also get day ones that are massively distinct from one another. Although they take place in the same town, with the other half of the same field, they are as if completely different tournaments. Many more players qualify from one day than the other, and the leaders have many more (or many fewer) chips.

As we approach the end of day 1b here in Budapest, it's fairly obvious that this, err, isn't one of those. In fact, this second day one has followed almost precisely the day one we had yesterday. There are round about 110 players left at the moment, meaning we'll probably finish with about 95; the chip leader has round about 90,000 at the moment, meaning he or she will probably end with about 100,000, and things are something like the mirror image of what has gone before.

That man at the summit is likely to be Mauro Corsetti, from Italy. He raced to about 40,000 very early in the day and then pushed on dramatically in the final couple of levels, to overtake Christoph Haller, who was also up there for a while.

We're entering the home straight today and chip counts will be updated as close to the end as we can manage.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour