EPT Budapest: Play is under way

Cards are in the air in Budapest on the first-ever EPT in Hungary. The news is reassuringly predictable: this is a sell out. The tournament director Thomas Kremser announced that 540 players are registered - already more than the advertised capacity - and they're playing ten handed in these early levels. That means 27 table packed with poker talent, and the same again tomorrow.

Players begin with 10,000 chips and if they lose them, they're out. The latest, approximate counts of some notable players can be found on our chip counts page. Please note that they're only approximate, but they're still the most accurate around.

We'll play eight one-hour levels today, with a short break after every other level. As we wait for all the action to unfold (it won't take long), hve a look at the video blog team's introduction to Budapest.

Watch EPT Budapest 08: A taste of things to come on PokerStars.tv

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour