EPT Budapest: Prague champion departs

A huge, huge pot just played out between the EPT Prague champion Arnaud Mattern and Lukas Benkovic, the PokerStars qualfier from Slovakia. Mattern is out and Benkovic is the probable chip leader, taking down a pot of more than 280,000.

There was betting all the way, on a board that ran out 6h-2d-4d | 7d | 4s. It ended with Benkovic moving all in, which actually covered Mattern, forcing him to a decision for his tournament life. When Mattern announced that he was calling, Benkovic nodded, appreciating what he considered was a good call. Benkovic clearly thought that his own hand wasn't good enough - something that Mattern possibly noticed in his opponent - and that had prompted the call.

However, after Benkovic sheepishly flipped A-7, Mattern was preparing to leave. He showed A-K and had made the hero call with ace-high. But it's a fine line between heroism and the rail, with Mattern now the wrong side. He was also the final former EPT champion left in the field, meaning the search for the first two-time winner continues.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour