EPT Budapest: Speaking volumes

Often poker is a non-verbal pursuit. As long as you make your intentions clear, don't under-raise, don't act out of turn, and don't get embroiled in any unnecessary controversy, then you can pretty much play as a mute. Plenty of players like to talk around the table, of course, but it's really not essential - especially when you can say so much with a carefully contorted facial expression.

Such was the case moments ago as Kara Scott peered up from under her cap at the reporters swarmed around her table. Scott, sponsored here by PokerStars, is most familiar on the EPT with a microphone in her hand, presenting the television and PokerStars.tv broadcasts in the most verbal of media. But here she is a player, and she just said as much with her eyes as she possibly could in a five-minute to-camera spot. She flashed her eyes left, right, straight ahead and then rolled them, accompanying this with a uncharacteristic grimace.

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Kara Scott

The reason was simple. Peering immediately left, there was Annette Obrestad. Peering a seat or two further round was Ivo Donev. Then Ramzi Jelassi. Then the PokerStars qualifier Dave Hardy. In three predictable words: Table. Of. Death.

Still, Scott might not be happy, but she's unikely to be intimidated. On her last outing in the PokerStars livery, Scott went super-deep in the World Series Main Event, finishing 104th from more than 6,000, good for $41,816.

She's mixing with the world's best here again in Budapest. Is a repeat on that magnificent showing on the cards?

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour