EPT Budapest: Strassmann up and down

PokerStars Shooting Star Johannes Strassmann is one of the EPTs potential superstars and would have attained grand master status already had it not been for a habit of busting on final tables, or thereabouts. Actually it’s hardly a habit, more colossal bad luck.

His day so far has been the slow meandering type. No real movement in his stack except for a hardly noticeable downward slide. Part of this slide came courtesy of Viki Szilasi who was undeterred by some Strassmann raising on a flop of Qd-2c-Ts. On a turn card 9d it was Szilasi’s chance to raise, which stopped Strassmann from advancing any further in the hand.

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PokerStars shooting star Johannes Strassmann

Strassmann’s table is s tough one, featuring as it does Barcelona runner-up Fintan Gavin and also Sweden’s Patric Martenssen.

Martenssen could be typecast as the quiet and lethal poker player, easily capable of ruining your day without flinching, a look of innocence courtesy of his well starched baseball caps. I’ve seen him wear the colours of the Orioles, Red Sox, Nationals, Tigers, Giants, Padres and today the Dodgers, suggesting a slight bias towards the National League West, but his poker remains brutal at all times.

But the current threat is the arrival of Theo Jorgensen and his stack of more than 20,000. He immediately made his presence felt by re-raising pre-flop, enough to scare off everyone, including the initial raiser.

Amid all this Strassmann was able to mount a mini-revival. On a flop of 8s-3d-5s he bet 1,100 after the action was checked to him by Fintan Gavin. The seat three player called while Jorgensen left them to it. A turn card 6s was checked and the river brought a queen. With a little more than 4,000 to his name Strassmann put another 2,300 into the pot. The seat three player called fast but made tutting noises and then mucked when Strassmann showed him his Kc-Qs.

Strassmann back up to 10,000 as we approach the end of level four. Whilst players take a break the good people in the PokerStars video blog team welcome you to Budapest...

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Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour