EPT Budapest: The clock is ticking

The clock ticks down, the last break of the day is minutes away. Whilst some players eye the clock and count the seconds before their next cigarette break PokerStars qualifier Danny Ryan is deep in a hand.

The seat six player had made it 1,500 on a board of 9s-8c-Qh and now the action was on Ryan, who asked how much his opponent had left. The answer was something in the region of 16,000.

Ryan had more and re-raised another 4,000 on top.

This had the effect of sending his opponent into the tank, a period spent partly staring at Ryan and partly spent running through possible hands out loud. Ryan sat quietly. It was a one-sided conversation.

The result was a fold, the seat six player turning over Kc-Qc.

“Did you have better?” he asked. Ryan nodded. “Serious?” Ryan nodded again. He’s up to 35,000.