EPT Budapest: The generation game

On one side is PokerStars qualifier Danny Ryan. Slight beard, long hair, the look of carefree youth about him. On the other Marcel Luske in his tailored nine yards and, well, slightly thinner hair. Call it youth over experience, a generational contest, but either way they just tangled in a big hand.

Ryan started it, making it 800 pre-flop which was first called by Daniele Mazzia of EPT Barcelona final table fame, and then re-raised by Luske, the Dutchman making it 3,300 from his seat two off the button.

While Ryan smiled a bit, Luske put his shades on.

_MG_5864Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars qualifier Danny Ryan

After a pause for inner reflection Ryan re-raised. A total of 6,800, the final nail in the hand for Mazzia, who quickly moved aside. Luske called though for a flop of 4h-Ks-4s.

Now Ryan made it 2,000, almost covering the remains of the Dutchman’s stack and ultimately forcing him out of the hand. He may now be down to a little more than 2,000 but Ryan scoots up the chip league, with 22,000.

_MG_8025Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars player Marcel Luske

Another player faring well is Annette Obrestad. She spoke with the video blog team earlier today...

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