EPT Budapest: The pots keep getting bigger

As the blinds go up and the players drop out this is the time for critical hands and bigger pots. It’ll be like this all the way through to the final but the latest example featured PokerStars qualifier William Fry and the player to his immediate left Ciprian Hrisca of Romania.

On first glance Hrisca is a relaxed, happy-go-lucky kind of player, leaning way back in his seat. Yesterday he and Danny Ryan sparred regularly in the blinds, each time the Romanian joking, suggesting something akin to both players moving all-in blind.

But today it’s the serious business of getting deeper into the EPT Budapest and he just did wonders for his chances.

_MG_8974Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars player William Fry

Fry had raised pre-flop to 14,000 from the button with Hrisca calling in the small blind, Lukas Benkovic did the same in the big. “I need a good flop” said Fry.

It came 8s-3d-7s.

Hrisca raised now, 40,000 in total, which forced Benkovic out. Fry meanwhile asked how much, before announcing “I’m raising anyway” and pushing in another 110,000. He’d hardly finished the move before Hrisca announced all-in.

“Sick” said Fry, now left with a decision to make, one worth 93,000 of what was left of his stack. “You’ve either got me crushed or you have a big draw” said Fry before calling with a simple “good luck”.

Hrisca had him crushed. Pocket threes for a set against Fry’s Ad-8d with nothing but tumbleweed on the turn and river. Hrisca stacked up more than 400,000 whilst Fry now has just 75,000.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour