EPT Budapest: There's a gambler in town

“My name is Kenny Rogers! I’m the gambler!”

Actually his name is Ivo Donev and he was talking to one of the chip leaders, Annette Obrestad, explaining to her his intention to raise from the button regardless. Obrestad was in the cut off and made a bet of 1,800. The gambler, true to his word, re-raised to 4,000 in total. Obrestad called.

_MG_8584Neil Stoddart.jpg
Ivo Donev

The flop came 5h-Jc-6c. The gambler bet again, another 4,000 and then buried his head in his arms, resting them against the side of the table. Obrestad thought for a second, turning her head slightly to see the gambler crumpled over. She mucked her cards then banged on the table to wake up her opponent.

“You want to see one card?” he asked.

“I don’t know if I want to...”

Stop press: Notable Hungarian player Denes Kalo has been eliminated, all-in with queens against the K-Q of a countryman no less, on a board that arrived 6-9-T-J-x.