EPT Budapest: Thorson watch

Someone had to do it, hang around to see whether William Thorson’s 3,400 day two starting stack would be the beginning of something great, or the end of something that could have been. Sadly it was the latter.
Not that Thorson had much choice on a table featuring Alex Kravchenko and blinds starting at 400/800 with a running 100 ante.

With just three hands available to him before the blinds struck Thorson was forced out of hand one by Lazlo Lajos of Hungary, sitting to his right, who raised to 2,200. On the second hand Lajos did the same. But with time running out Thorson moved all-in, waiving his hand as a gesture to Lajos to do the same. Lajos did, showing Ad-9d to Thorson’s Kc-4c.

Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson

The flop brought some hope with two clubs, but the turn and river brought little else. Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson out first on day two.

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