EPT London: All star cast for day 1b

It’s one the EPT’s most interesting unofficial trivia questions, one bandied about by the game’s chattering classes time after time. How many times has the second ‘day one’ felt, well, a little more like a who’s who of poker? It feels like that in London today.

Not that day 1a was easy. As we reported there were endless chicanes, potholes and u-turns before the road turned smooth again, and in a day that saw the elimination of over 200 players, it only eased for 77 of them.

Those kinds of days take skill to steer through, but a quick look through the cast list today has another truck load of big names in starring roles. Today’s field will be littered with famous names rather than peppered.

Who do we mean? Three World Champions for a start in the form of Team PokerStars Pros Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem. Then there’s the like of Barry Greenstein, ElkY Grospellier, Dario Minieri, Isabelle Mercier, Noah Boeken, Hevad Khan, Katja Thater, Marcin Horecki, Humberto Brenes and Andre Akkari.

The list is long so it’s worth giving the Million Dollar Men a paragraph of their own.

They’re the men the poker world has been talking about since their recent foray to a certain final table in the Las Vegas desert. Whilst they await their date with destiny they’re here to stake claim on a different landscape, the more temperate climate of the EPT. Four of those men start on such a campaign in London today – Ylon Schwartz, Darus Suharto, David ‘Chino’ Rheem and Peter Eastgate. The thought of a guaranteed $1 million when you return to Vegas in November must do wonders for your game.

There’s another player here too, one that warrants a separate mention, a familiar face to anyone who has turned on a television set over the last twenty years and heard the sounds of racket and ball. PokerStars Ambassador Boris Becker makes his EPT season five debut today following his barnstorming appearance in Monte Carlo. Side event success there, will it be main event success here?

That’s not all. The waiting list was long and tense for even the best of players but the following will be taking their seats today –

Huge online player Adam Junglen, EPT winner Mike McDonald, he of a hundred World Series sears Stephen Chidwick, regulars Ramzi Jelassi and Danny Ryan, former Italian skiing legend Alberto Tomba, author Tony Holden, EPT winner Julian Thew and the hero of Barcelona targeting back-to-back wins, Sebastian Ruthenberg. The list goes on.

What lies ahead is nine levels, three dinner courses and a shot at a prize pool set to exceed anything the EPT has paid out in sterling before. The full line up for day two won’t be known until late tonight but you can catch up on all the results from yesterday, with chip counts of all 77 survivors, by clicking here .

Talking of famous faces, the video blog team found a few...

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