EPT London: All-ins a plenty

Local player Ian Frazer pushed all-in within minutes of the start, among those with a decision to make Barry Greenstein who passed. On the next hand Greenstein tried a move from the button on an unraised pot after a limp by the cut-off player Neil Suarez. With the action folded back to Suarez, he wasted no time in raising, 7,000 in total, which prompted Greenstein to muck immediately.

Meanwhile it’s standing room only in the confines of the tournament floor as one by one the tables are broken. A flurry of all-ins has already reduced the field by a table and a half.

With a board reading Jc-Kc-6s-Qh-Qd Tyler Reiman was all-in, with Vic regular Joe Grech with the decision to make.

“What have you got?” asked Joe once or twice, in the rhetorical fashion, but got no answer, mucking his king to live another day.