EPT London: Andre playing for the shirt on his back

Apparently the pink jumper that Andre Akkari is wearing today is a lucky one. That’s why he bought it yesterday, or so a suspect rumour went. You can rely on luck if you want but depending on your own skill tends to take you further, and Akkari’s recent form suggests he’s done the latter, as his WCOOP results show.

The Team PokerStars Pro has been sitting next to Isabelle Mercier all day, not the easiest of places to be, but he’s maintained a stack of at least average throughout. That was until this pot came along.

_MG_5478_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Isabelle Mercier and Andre Akkari

It started with various limpers, including Mercier and Akkari in the small and big blinds. They both checked the 3c-Jh-Ah flop but when the seat six player Stefan Mattson made it 1,150, Mercier ducked out. Akkari though chose to stick around, calling the bet.

The turn came 5c. Akkari checked, leaving it to Mattsson to make it 3,525 this time. Akkari made the call. Now the river, a 9h. Again Akkari checked. Mattsson asked how much, but both preferred the option of checking instead. Ad-3d for Mattsson, enough to beat whatever Akkari had.

Shirt or no shirt, the hand sent him down to 12,000.


Elsewhere Million Dollar Man Ylon Schwartz was knocked out by Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein.
Another player who will have to wait for EPT glory is Sverre Sondbo, who caught up with the video blog team earlier...

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