EPT London: Bubble bursts

Time again to announce the unluckiest man in London. His name is Hafiz Khan and he's just left the tournament floor of the Victoria Casino with nothing. Several hundred others have gone the same way before him over the past two and a half days, but Khan's particular misfortune is that everyone else still in is getting paid. In poker parlance, Khan was the bubble boy, when his ace-queen couldn't beat pocket jacks.

This always has to happen, but it never hurts any less. At least when most people go to work, they get paid something. But for poker players, they can put in a full two days at the coal-face and still walk away with nowt. And that's not even factoring in the £5,000 entry fee, the registration of another £200, and London's extortionate hotel prices. It's a lot of wad for a "free" glass of wine and a bowl of chicken and pasta. The credit crunch has bitten.

So why do we all do it over and over again? The answer, I suppose, is in the cheer that combines delight and relief that also accompanied Khan's elimination. It means that all of the 56 remaining players are well into the black. They're now going to find their names added to this page of prizewinners, and one of them will be getting a million pounds on Sunday night.

We're now playing down to 32 or eight levels, whichever is first. They're now on a dinner break. Among them are the Team PokerStars Pros Victoria Coren, Marcin Horecki and Vanessa Rousso. Rousso spoke earlier in the day to the video bloggers, and said this:

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour