EPT London: Carnage

Two eliminations and two crazy double ups since the return. The first player to go out was the PokerStars qualifier Joe Elpayaa, who gave one of those rueful post-elimination interviews that often come from a man who has spent six card-dead hours and then runs into a genuine hand when he makes a move.

The next player out was a real shock: the Italian Max Pescatori was vanquished by the only player who could have taken him out, Michael Martin. And it was a rotter. Pocket kings against pocket aces, with both players hitting a set and all their monstrous stacks going into the middle. Martin now has more chips than the cashier's cage, about a quarter of all in play.

On the feature table, which you should be watching on EPT Live, Marcin Horecki and Christopher Wolters just traded outdraws. Firstly Wolters' K-Q beat Horecki's A-K for a timely double up, but then Horecki got some of them back when he double up through the same player. His 6s-7s made a flush (and a straight, just to make sure) and beat Wolters' J-J. As you were.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour