EPT London: Day three - bullet-point bulletin No1

When Lebanon's Joseph Mouawad won this tournament this time last year, he became the first non-Brit to win the event, breaking a tradition that started with John Shipley through Marc Teltscher to Victoria Coren. And there won't be a Brit winning this year either as the final British representative Ian Frazer has just departed, with A-3 against Michael Martin's A-10. Other stories:

  • Michael Martin on the charge: The man from Pennsylvania told EPT live that he was "feeling good" this morning and was going to "take every hand as it comes". It wasn't the most insightful of television interviews, but there really is no messing with success and Martin, who began the day with 133,000 is up to a chip-dominating 825,000. He doubled up early and then knocked out Sorel Mizzi, Gunnar Rabe and Ian Frazer and cannot stop.
  • Gill thrills: The PokerStars qualifier Carter Gill is also had a huge rush this morning. He went from an overnight stack of 38,000 to 297,000.
  • Gualter Salles: The Brazilian stock-car racer, after cutting his teeth on the Latin America Poker Tour at the invitation of PokerStars, is now enjoying his first cash in one of these major tournaments. He just survived an all in and is still among the remaining 24.
  • Prizewinners: The prizewinners page has been updated with the eliminations from today's play so far. They are:

    27th - Sorel Mizzi, USA, PokerStars qualifier - £13,052
    28th - Ramin Henke, Germany - £13,052
    29th - Tyler Reiman, USA, PokerStars player - £13,052
    30th - Gunnar Rabe, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier - £13,052
    31st - Beth Shak, USA - £13,052
    32nd - Scotty Nguyen, USA - £13,052

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in European Poker Tour