EPT London: Day three - bullet-point bulletin No2

Play has tightened somewhat after a rash of early eliminations. We've lost Justin Truesdell and then Carter Gill; the full payouts are here.

In other news:

  • We're into level 19, where blinds are 4,000-8,000 with a 1,000 ante.
  • Anthony Lellouche accounted for Gill in what ended up being a bitter battle.There was pre-flop action and a flop with a king and a queen. That suited Lellouche's K-Q perfectly, but Gill was steaming since his A-Q had been outdrawn. The PokerStars qualifier is out.
  • Max Pescatori just won a huge pot, possibly the largest of the tournament, when he spiked an eight on the river to give him a set and re-draw against Huseyin Yilmaz's K-Q. Yilmaz had flopped a queen but was then crippled.
  • Gualter Salles just doubled up. That must put him close to 250,000.
  • Marcin Horecki survived an all in. No one called his pre-flop move.

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in European Poker Tour