EPT London: Fluctuating fortunes

Three massive hands just played out across two tables, with the net results being these: Gus Hansen and Julian Thew are out and Marcin Horecki now has a massive stack.

Firstly, there was this: the Polish Team PokerStars Pro showed Q-Q on a board of 8s-10c-9d-Qh-Qc. That was quad queens, made on turn and river, the turn being especially unkind to Thew, who had K-J and had made the nut straight.

_MG_4773_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Marcin Horecki

As they counted this out, there was a commotion behind where Hansen was getting up to leave the tournament area having run A-Q into Ian Frazer's A-K. Hansen had crippled Frazer earlier, but the British professional survived and had the last laugh.

Then back to Horecki and Thew's table, where there was more action on the subsequent hand. Stephen Chidwick, the PokerStars qualifier extraordinaire, announced all in but didn't actually move his chips, which meant that when Horecki said "Raise" and tossed in a few chips, no one actually knew of his real intentions. After the floor was called, Horecki was told that he could either fold or call but that the money he had in the middle had to stay there.

After a moment's dwelling, he called. But Thew then moved all-in from the small blind, approximately 55,000 more than Chidwick's all in. Are you keeping up?

_MG_4886_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Julian Thew

So now Horecki had to decide whether to call Thew's all in, for what was about 90,000 to win a pot significantly more. He pondered but was probably forced by mathematics to make the call, even though he'd have been right to expect he was behind. Thew flipped pocket kings, Chidwick had K-Q and Horecki A-Q. And there on the flop was the magial ace, which held up even though Chidwick picked up a flush draw on the flop.

Horecki is now looking good with somewhere in the region of 200,000. Thew and Chidwick are looking for the exit.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour