EPT London: Getting the chips in

Alan Smurfit gets his chips in, the quiet man at a chatty feature table that also features the talkative Johannes Strassmann.

The hand started with a Joseph Elpayaa raise, followed by a re-raise from Strassmann, making it 61,000 in total. Smurfit moved now, in hindsight perhaps not believing his luck, pushing his chips into the middle before sitting quietly to allow Elpayaa to fold and Strassmann to think out loud.

th_MG_6146_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Alan Smurfit

“I don’t think I can fold” said Strassmann, and indeed he didn’t, turning over pocket tens to Smurfit’s more comfortable pocket aces. Nothing on the board helped the German and Smurfit doubled up.


He was the first player to be eliminated today, out in 32nd place, but Scotty Nguyen still had a few words for the video blog team...

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