EPT London: Last of the Million Dollar Men

In the far corner of the tournament area, where parts of the casino restaurant have been annexed to accommodate more tables, local pro Neil Channing just moved all-in, finding no takers to tackle his ace-king. Channing has had success all over the place but the EPT has always proven illusive. This one might be the same.

_MG_5435_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Million Dollar Man Peter Eastgate

The table alongside is home to Peter Eastgate, the last of the Million Dollar Men today, who plays every hand with his brow well and truly furrowed. He raised pre-flop to 1,800 for a flop of Kc-2s-6h. He then called a raise of 3,500 before him for a 2h on the turn. Check-check. Check-check. The Jd came on the river with pocket eights shown first. Eastgate though, turned over pocket tens for the pot.

The last Million Dollar Man is worth about 24,000.