EPT London: Level 21 updates

There are 14 players at the midpoint of level 21, with the plan to play down to the final eight this evening. We'll be shifting the coverage to a time-stamped style update from now on.

8.10pm: That's the end of the level and they're taking a 15 minute break.

On the last hand of the level, Marcin Horecki opens the pot from under-the-gun and is reraised by Alan Smurfit on the button. Horecki doesn't think too long before flashing A-Q and folding, testament to the respect Smurfit commands at this table.

7.55pm: Gualter Salles picks off the cut-off raise of Eric Liu, shoving all in when the American makes it 31,000. Salles has another 130,000 and Liu doesn't fancy it. Then Marcin Horecki does the same to David Benyamine and picks up about 35,000 of his own.

7.50pm: Johannes Strassmann was one of the huge stacks overnight and although he's lost a chunk today, he's still in there. He spoke about his day to the video bloggers.

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7.45pm: The tournament's dominant stack is that of Michael Martin. It's truly immense and we'll try to get a count at some point. On the feature table, it's Ireland's Alan Smurfit with the most - something like 500,000.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour