EPT London: Level 24 updates

Level 24 began at 10.50pm BST. The blinds are 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 running ante. We started the level with nine players, we need to lose one more until the final table is set.

11.40pm: Sjodin's renaissance is over as he runs another A-J into the kings of Eric Liu. Liu calls, obviously, and there is no ace on flop, turn or river, sending the Swede out in ninth earning £50,574. Our final table is set.

11.35pm: Vague excitement, when Johannes Strassmann raises from under the gun and Erik Sjodin moves all in from the small blind, announcing his intention with a phrase that can't be repeated on a family blog, but which suggested he'd had enough of this and didn't care too much what happened from here on in. Strassman was put to the test for a total of 249,000 and eventually made an unlikely pass, given the odds he was getting. The Swede claimed he had A-J. "How could you shove with that?" asked the German.

11.25pm: And there's another succesful three bet, this time by Phillippe Dauteuil who moves all in after Johannes Strassmann makes a standard raise. It works.

11.15pm: The best exponents of the three-bet are out in force around this table and they're getting the right results. With the notable exceptions detailed below, a re-raise pre-flop is taking this down and that's its strength.

11.05pm: Very strange moment, as Anthony Lellouche folds A-J face up to Alan Smurfit's pre-flop push. Smurfit has 300,000 and Lellouche is the monster stack, but he still opts to lay it down. Smurfit rubs his nose in it by flipping A-7. As mentioned earlier, Smurfit is not quite as tight as they all seem to think.

10.55pm: Wow. Massive double up for Marcin Horecki who sucks out horridly/masterfully against Johannes Strassmann. Horecki moves his short stack of about 210,000 all in from the button and the German shooting star calls instantly with the big blind. Strassman has aces, Horecki a lowly Q-9h. But after a harmless flop, the turn and river are both nines and the Team PokerStars Pro is back in this one.

10.50pm: The chip counts at the start of the level are:

Michael Martin - 772,000
Anthony Lellouche - 1,345,000
Michael Tureniec - 1,065,000
Eric Liu - 747,000
Johannes Strassmann - 872,000
Alan Smurfit - 317,000
Philippe Dauteuil - 432,000
Marcin Horecki - 210,000
Erik Sjodin - 234,000

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour