EPT London: Life at the sharp end

They’re on adjacent tables and both are perilously close to the felt, but Team PokerStars Pros ElkY Grospellier and Noah Boeken did their dwindling fortunes some good, even if it wasn’t dramatic.

ElkY’s improvement on a stack of just a few thousand could have been more were it not for a vindictive board that paired, leaving his ace-jack on a par with the ace-eight his opponent tabled, splitting a much needed pot.

th_MG_5127_Neil Stoddart.jpg
ElkY Grospellier

Then there was Noah Boeken. Food was being served as his pot developed and when he got his cards Noah was in the middle of reading a magazine, pausing only to look at his cards and make a 525 pre-flop bet.

Sandra Naujoks, in the big blind and wearing headphones and a black cowboy hat, called. Boeken re-checked his cards for the flop. 4s-6s-7c.

Both players checked for a turn card Jh. Naujoks made it 850 to play. Boeken’s immediate response was to re-raise, which he did, 3,400 in total, put himself all-in.

It was dramatic enough for Naujoks to remove her headphones. “All in?” she asked. Yes, Boeken was all-in and feeling fairly confident by the look of things, giving that impression when he called over to a waitress for the beef stroganov. Cool under pressure.

It signalled something to Naujoks who took a moment before mucking her hand. “I hit the turn” said Boeken, before grabbing a fork. They’ll be ice cream in the next level. The Team PokerStars Pro’s hopes live on.

Noah spoke to the video blog team earlier today...

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