EPT London: Mizzi mauled by monster pot

PokerStars qualifier Sorel Mizzi is quickly making a reputation for himself on the live poker scene after dominating online but just took a knock in one of the biggest hands of the tournament so far.

After Mizzi made it 16,000 to go pre-flop from the small blind the action was folded back to Ramin Henke on the button, who’d made a raise prior to Mizzi’s move and was now getting busy holding his head in his hands. Eventually, through all this thought, he made the call.

Mizzi led the betting again on the 7h-5h-6c flop. It was pointed out that a red chip of his was under his chair, which he added to his stack whilst trying not to let it break his concentration, having just made a bet of 36,000. Less of the hair pulling now from Henke he moved all-in and was called by Mizzi at once. Chips of all colours were piled high in the middle, the shape and size of 150,000.

Mizzi turned over As-Qh but Henke had played his pocket aces well, and with no change on the turn or river, spent the next five minutes of his day stacking his winnings.

That extra chip is worth a bit more now for Mizzi.