EPT London: More chips for Marcin

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has begun to turn around a downward spiral that has seen him drop from 40K to 20K already today.

Horecki made it through day 1b yesterday with a stack of 42,500. He carried on in the same way when play resumed this afternoon but was then moved to one of the trickiest tables, featuring not only one of the chip leaders Tyler Reiman (more than 130,000), but also former EPT winners Julian Thew (more than 100,000) and Pascal Perrault, PokerStars qualifier Phidias Georgiou and resident short stack Chris Bruce.

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Marcin Horecki

Bruce’s misfortune though was Horecki’s gain when, on the last hand of the level, Horecki bet 3,300 pre-flop and called Bruce’s all-in. Ks-Td for Bruce, bettered by the Pole’s Ad-Qc. An ace on the flop sealed it, busting Bruce and adding vital weight to Horecki’s stack, now back to more than 30,000 at the break.

  • Latest news from the front is that Vanessa Rousso has been on a rush. At one point the Team PokerStars Pro was down to roughly 20,000 but now has more than 70,000 thanks to playing a series of hands one after the other.
  • Former professional soccer player Tony Cascarino just doubled up, his pocket queens holding firm against the caller with A-Q.

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