EPT London: No let up after the break

We’re back from the break. The early fog of war has dispersed enough for some important numbers to emerge, mainly that the player count today is official at 309, with 175 players returning from the evening break to play on.

That makes 134 players banished to the rail, one of whom is PokerStars passport winner Dustin Mele. Still looking for his first cash passed the half way mark in his ten stop trip, Dustin had gained a slight lead earlier today but was unable to survive the knocks that would come later.

The end came with an all in with pocket sevens. All-in on the turn, Dustin was up against pocket jacks, another of which had hit the flop. The seven on the turn was too little too late for Mele.

Another player facing the abyss is one of the stars of the EPT Barcelona earlier this month Davidi Kitai.

Back then Kitai seemed doomed to a final table filled with torment, a struggle he battled with bravery. The only thing is that the demands of such a lifestyle have followed him here.

He just received some adrenaline though thanks to an all-in move for 2,750 holding Ad-Th, which held up to a speculative call with 5s-4s. Kitai was up from his chair for a board of 9d-7c-3c-7d-2c, before sitting back down again. A double up but still a small stack for the Belgian.