EPT London: No one ever said it was gonna to be easy

You don't get to day two of a major poker tournament without being at the top of your game. But to get to day three, you have to at least continue in the same vein and probably also discover that little bit extra to set yourself up for a crack at the big money. And it is big. There's a confirmed £3,349,200 in the prize pool from the confirmed 596 players.

The arrival of the television table has crushed the remaining 158 players into an improbably small area in the main tournament room. And it also seems to have crushed so many of the very notable names into exceptionally close proximity. For example:

  • Two Vs: Three of the remaining Team PokerStars Pros are Victoria Coren, Victor Ramdin and Vanessa Rousso. All the Vs. And two of them - Coren and Ramdin - are on the same table.
  • Brazil, baby: Andre Akkari will have to deal with Scotty Nguyen, two to his left.
  • EPT old-timers: You'd struggle to find two more recognisable EPT faces than those of Isabelle Mercier and Julian Thew, both veterans from the very first season. But once you've found one today, you've found the other. They're neighbours.
  • Tough spot: Marcin Horecki doubled up during the last level yesterday to get himself just more than 40,000. It might have looked impressive until he sat down next to the chip-leader Erik Sjodin this morning, and his 140,000.
  • Know anything about the World Series: Scott Montgomery is going back to Vegas next month for the World Series final table. He should ask a couple of his team-mates about what to expect, since he's next to Alexander Kravchenko, who was there last year, and Erik Friberg, from 2005. The PokerStars qualifier Ramzi Jelassi is also there, as is the monstrous stack of Huseyin Yilmaz.
  • High Stakes Poker: Barry Greenstein v Gus Hansen. No need for further comment.

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in European Poker Tour