EPT London: One up one down for Team PokerStars

Chad Brown just sent another payer to a lonely fate on the rail. Limping under-the-gun plus one, Chad then called an all-in move for 3,100 from a player in late position who then turned over Ad-Kh. For Chad, a lesser As-Th.

But the board was Chad-friendly, bringing a ten on the turn to send his opponent away and leave the Team PokerStars Pro on 15,000.

_MG_4570_Neil Stoddart (2).jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown

Not so for fellow Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes. The Brazilian’s day just ended when he all-in was called; ace-seven against a pair of wretched kings. Nothing on the board to help Gomes, who is on his first trip to London. He can now at least see London on the outside, although that may be little consolation.