EPT London: Level 25 updates

Tournament officials have pegged the blinds back to 15,000-30,000 with a running 3,000 ante for the start of the final. But from there we play uninterrupted all the way through to a new EPT London champion. Updates will be posted here level by level with the latest information at the top. Click refresh to update the page. Don’t forget you can also watch the action live on EPT Live and click here for prize winners so far

2.55pm: On the last hand of the level, Phillipe Dauteiul raises to 70,000, Michael Tureniec bumps it up to 200,000 and the Canadian folds.

2.32pm: Marcin Horecki doubles up
The Team PokerStars Pro, short-stacked, raises all in pre-flop and Johannes Strassmann calls with A-7d. Horecki is in good shape with A-Q and although there's a a flush draw on the turn Horecki survives and he doubles up.

2.25pm: Alan Smurfit doubles up
Michael Tureniec raises from the button into the blinds of Alan Smurfit and Marcin Horecki. Smurfit announces "Well, this is it," and pushes all in, meaning it's another 285,000 for the Swede. Eventually, he realises that he has to call and flips K-10. Smurfit shows A-K. The flop comes 5h-Qs-Jc, the turn is the Qh and the river the harmless 2c. Smurfit doubles up.

2.17pm: Anthony Lellouche, France, eliminated in eighth place, earning £81,569
Johannes Strassmann opens from the button for 80,000 and Anthony Lellouche pushes all in from the big blind. It's another 100,000 for the German and it's a mandatory call. Strasmann has K-Js and Lellouche is ahead with Ad-9h but the flop only favours Strassmann. It comes Kh-6c-10s, then the turn is 7s and the river 10h. Lellouche is gone: "That's poker," he opines in the post-match interview.

2.15pm: Marcin Horecki moves his stack all in again from early position and obligingly flashes an ace of diamonds when everyone folds.

2.12pm: After those early fluctuations, the latest chip counts are:

Michael Tureniec - 1,411,000
Eric Liu - 1,398,000
Michael Martin - 609,000
Philippe Dauteuil - 884,000
Johannes Strassmann - 868,000
Alan Smurfit - 330,000
Marcin Horecki - 312,000
Antony Lellouche - 222,000

2.10pm: Marcin Horecki moves all in and gets it through the big stacks of Eric Liu and Johannes Strassmann. Strassmann is itching to call but looks down at 8-4 and lets it go.

2.05pm: Aah, the good old three-bet. Johannes Strassmann bets, Lellouche reraises, Strassmann moves all in and Lellouche maked the mandatory call. But Strassmann has the goods - he has aces - which are crushing Lellouche's pocket sevens. There's some excitement when Lellouche picks up a straight draw on the turn but the aces hold and Lellouche is in reverse. He's now theshort stack with 222,000 having lost about a million in two hands.

1.55pm: Philippe Dauteuil's tournament life hangs by a thread on the first hand when he makes it 50,000 from the button and Antony Lellouche moves all in from the blind. Dauteuil insta-calls with As-Kc but he's behind Lellouche's 4-4. The flop is 8d-5c-2c and the turn is the Jc giving plenty of outs to the Canadian. One duly arrives on the river - the 3c, which makes a flush to the king, and he double up.

1.50pm: Play starts in the EPT London final. Brandon Schaeffer, a friend of Michael Martin and himself an EPT winner has flown in from Germany to cheer on his friend. He was the most vocal from the rail during the introductions.