EPT London: Stack attack

The early skirmishes are over and now there are some serious stacks starting to develop. This is where there's enough in the middle from the blinds to make them worth picking up, and there are some players with sufficient chips to get involved with some sub-standard holdings and mix it up a little.

On a recent sweep of the room, the following seem to be the most chipped up:

Axel Albertsson - Sweden - 65,000
Stephan Kjerstad - Norwegian - 46,000
Joao Barbosa - Spain - 45,000
Anthony Lellouche - France - 42,000
Fionn Macnamara - UK - 40,000
Julian Thew - UK - 40,000

That's not including a table tucked beside the restaurant, away from the main tournament floor, where there are probably more chips than on any other table. The early chip leader Willie Tann is there, who has more than 35,000. He's sitting next to the former professional footballer Teddy Sheringham, who also has plenty of chips, something like 38,000. The multiple PokerStars qualifier Stephen Chidwick is also there, with about 25,000; then there's British pro Joe Grech, with 35,000. As I counted all of these, the table was actually being dominated by an empty seat: it was a vacant chair behind more than 50,000 chips, in tall towers of red and purple chips. And then it was occupied, by a man named Max Katz.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour