EPT London: The gaps are filled

Well you give it a few minutes and when the late arrivals take their seats tough tables just get tougher. For instance Phil Ivey just took his seat next to Noah Boeken and Chris Bjorn also lurks in seat ten.

It’s little wonder that a few pots have been quashed a moment after an Ivey raise. Then one pot involving nearly everyone including Danny Ryan on the big blind, Ivey in the cut off and Boeken on the button.

th_MG_5066_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Round after round of checking followed with a flop of 2c-6d-4s. A modest bet called by everyone on the 9d turn before another round of checking and grins on the 7h river. The player holding 9-8 took this pot down.

Boris Becker now has the threat of Joe Hachem three to his right. The Team PokerStars Pro is now the likely chip leader after doubling up the first level against Swedish player Tommy Westerlund.

th_MG_4723_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Joe Hachem

After a raise, re-raise call scenario pre-flop for a board of 8-5-3. Westerlund bet, Hachem pushed in and was called, seeing his opponent turn over pocket aces to his own pocket tens. A blank on the turn but a boom on the river; a ten making a set for Hachem, sending him up to 20,000.