EPT London: The plot thickens

An abrupt end to the day and the tournament for two Team PokerStars Pros. But that’s been the way for everyone on what has been a quick fire day two on the EPT.

First it was Vanessa Rousso in with the best of it, relying on her A-K to hold up against the A-J of Max Pescatori, whose stack dominates everyone’s, for a welcomed double up. It wasn’t an unreasonable request and Rousso would later explain how she trapped Pescatori perfectly. She was all clear on the T-3-7 flop and looking good, only for the dastardly jack to strike on the turn, sending her to the rail.

_MG_5703_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Vanessa Rousso

It seems that the chance of a double EPT London winning effort for Vicky Coren have also been sunk, thanks to Frenchman Anthony Lellouche. All-in pre-flop for roughly 200,000, Coren held tens to Lellouche’s pocket kings. The two became three and the perhaps too incredible story of a double EPT London winner was over for another year.

_MG_5800_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Vicky Coren

Lellouche now leads with 35 players remaining.