EPT Prague: All set for new Czech champion

A televised final wouldn’t be the same without a certain degree of administrative hullaballoo before cameras roll. The slick, seamless production you get beamed to your home tends to betray the cables, the running around and general fog of war that goes on before play starts, a process currently being endured by the players now, who in turn are being interviewed before being left to mull alone with their thoughts in the darkness of the stage wings, awaiting their fate.

That fate is quite straight forward. The finalists will play until just one remains for however long it takes - a player who will quickly realise that the press obligations before the final were nothing compared to those after.

We start with thirty minutes of the level on the clock with blinds pegged back slightly to 6,000-12,000 with a 1,000 ante - news which thrilled Andrew Chen no end who, as short stack, will take any extra help he can find.

How long that takes we don’t know but coverage will be continuous until we find out. Naturally, all of this is available on EPT Live offering unparalleled coverage in some unparalleled languages, which seeing as though it’s the weekend no longer requires you to call in sick for a chance to stay home and watch.

EPT Live coverage is up and running already, produced by a group of pale men and women hidden far from the feature table in a back room somewhere with no windows. Little is known of these people, so the video blog team set out to find out...

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That’s about it for the preliminaries, let’s get started...

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour