EPT Prague: All yours, Barbosa...

Dutch PokerStars qualifier Joris Jaspers was in “take no prisoners” mood in a hand against a player whose name was on his shirt but who was gone too quickly for anyone to read it. On a flop of 9h-5s-Qh Jaspers bet 1,325 which his opponent re-raised to 3,650. After a short pause Jaspers neatly moved the remainder of his chips into the middle, 5,000 more which was ultimately called, Jaspers showing Jh-Td against Jc-9c. The Tc and 6d on turn and river put new life into the Dutchman’s stack, now up to 15,000.

EPT Warsaw winner Joao Barbosa is still on the way to potential runner-runner titles. He just shoved all-in on a board of 2c-4c-Td behind a raise of 3,000 from a player opposite who then tried to interrogate Barbosa.

“You can’t possibly be on a flush draw... can you beat ace-ten?”

Like a machine Barbosa sat quietly waiting for a raise, call or a fold. None came.

“Okay,” said his opponent folding, “nice.”

Barbosa up to 20,000

Talking of which Barbosa was one of the many players who talked to the video blog team earlier today...

Watch EPT Prague S5: Interview with Joao Barbosa Day 1b on PokerStars.tv.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour