EPT Prague: And then suddenly...

And then there were nine. Daniel Drescher, a short stack for much of the day, found a hand he was prepared to move in with. It was folded back around to chip leader Alexiou Konstantinos who had found pocket queens to Drescher’s A-T. The queens held up making Drescher the next to leave.

Over on the feature table Sebastian Ruthenberg was all-in and looking good with pocket jacks against Jonathan Duhamel’s pocket sevens. The flop kicked Ruthenberg in the teeth though, arriving as it did 2s-7c-Ks.

All of a sudden the sevens were ahead but the 8s on the turn gave the hand an interesting twist. Ruthenberg had the Js and could find an unlikely route to victory if another spade hit the river. It did, the Qs, and Ruthenberg couldn’t believe his luck. Duhamel on the other hand was left with just 36,000. It wasn’t difficult to predict what would happen next...

_MG_9452_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Scared to look: Jonathan Duhamel

On the next hand Duhamel pushed in with A-Q against the J-5 of Nasr El Nasr. The flop brought a jack, humanely putting Duhamel out of his misery, eliminating him in tenth place when his hand didn’t improve.

Play now switches to the feature table where they will play nine handed until another player is eliminated.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour