EPT Prague: Biggest pot of the day!

Just because these are the early stages there’s nothing to stop players using the all-in move as their best weapon. Within minutes two players were in the tank, one being a finalist here last year and in San Remo, Dag Palovic.

As Palovic folded a call of “seat open” was called and triumphant man noises came from another direction. But a hand of note was developing, on Peter Eastgate’s table with six players seeing the 6c-9d-Ks flop.
The seat eight player, who had started it all, made it 600 to go from the cut off. Eastage called on the button, as did Niko Hanninen in the small blind and by Pascal Perrault in early position. That left four.

Peter Roche said something which made Eastgate laugh, something along the lines of Nicolas Levi’s remark that this was an “action hand”. Those not in it were started to regret it.

The turn came Kd. Hanninen made it 2,500 now, a level one size bet that usually puts a hand to bed. Not this one. Perrault called, as did the seat eight player. Only Eastgate, laughing, slid his cards towards the dealer. The river card 7d didn’t slow the hand any. Hanninen made it another 3,000 to go. Perrault called. Laughing, so did the seat eight.

It seemed a shame to end it there but Hanninen had the best of it on the showdown, turning over two red sixes for a full house. Perrault looked long and hard at his hand, no doubt missing by the narrowest of margins, but ultimately mucked, as did seat eight, responsible for this early entertainment.

While Hanninen scooped a pot that took his stack to around 22,000 the others indulged in some hypotheticals and discussed odds as the bell sounded for the end of level one.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour